DKG e.V.


DKG´s Memberships in International Organisations

HOPE European Hospital and Healthcare Federation

DKG is founding member of HOPE – European Hospital and Healthcare Federation.

International Hospital Federation

DKG is member of IHF – International Hospital Federation.


DKG is member of the “NCP – National Contact Point for foreign (EU) patients”


DKG is member of the “Export Initiative for the German Healthcare Industry” of the Federal Government.


Membership in organisations

DKG is itself member in several international organisations and represents the interests of its fellow members on the EU level. This becomes extremely relevant as the EU institutions (European Parliament, Council of the EU and European Commission) can set binding law, sometimes directly affecting the organisation and the delivery of healthcare in German hospitals. Regulations, directives and other decisions of EU institutions are relevant for German healthcare policies to only a limited scope as the EU Lisbon treaty is saving the competences for the organisation and financing of the healthcare systems to EU member states themselves. But other policy areas as e.g. energy or labour law and especially the requirements of EU’s internal market strongly affect German hospitals in their daily organisation. Thus, DKG is monitoring all relevant EU policy developments by maintaining an own EU liaison office in Brussels and by membership in the European hospital organisation.


List of major legal tasks

06. September 2016 List of major legal tasks

DKG, despite being a private organisation has got a high level of official responsibility for the healthcare and hospital care, concretised by several legal mandates which have been given to it. Thus, DKG is member in several key organisations:  


List of cooperations/involvements

DKG is involved into a number of cooperations with partners and companies.